Flying entity turns into a cross of light over Crimea

A strange event happened over a field between Sebastopol and Danesk on October 30, 2015.

Witness recorded a possible white entity flying low over a field. Suddenly it went up and went down to the field again. Then the being went up again and turned into a cross of light.

The witness said the cross seemed to be alive. It was pulsating in the sky until it disappeared.

Note: Could it be a drone or indeed the witness has recorded a paranormal phenomenon in the sky.



  1. One of the "PaaThal" maybe. The spirit form of our essence or some 5th dimensional being.
    For sure an amazing sight...gorgeous!!
    But the draconians have also the ability of astral movements. They can leave their body and enter the astral level.the last picture down here shows very much the shape of their ships! These typical "bird like" knows!
    Could also be some type of holographic projection, as the greys did that often by projecting the "holy virgin Mary" in strong seriously catholic regions to overawe the local population there!!
    Relogions are the most reasons for war and battles. And the draconians (the greys masters) want us to battle, doing war and fight. They told us that they're the founder of all our religions! If the greys would have emotions and could laugh, they must laugh to death because of our foolishness!
    Like:"we've told them that we did found their religions, they did understand that this is the most reason for battles and war, but they still go on with it!!" - very foolish, isn't it?!
    We should evolve and should think about religion and what the sense is left today

  2. It must represent a living entity and the cross has been created for such a purpose as too describe . As in Shakespear '' the worlds a stage ''


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