Mystery Ball of Light filmed hovering over Hessdalen, Norway on New Year’s Day 2016

Hessdalen is a very remote area in Norway with a long history of UFO sightings. On January 1, 2016 at about 1.00 am local time, StreetCap1 noticed a slight flashing on Hessdalen’s cam so he started recording.

At first StreetCap1 thought it maybe fireworks being the New Year, but as the ball of light suddenly appears and continues its speed over the terrain until it disappears into thin air towards a flashing light in the top right of the picture frame it cannot be fireworks.

Video: The ball of light appears at about the 1.29 mark.



  1. not so sure about UFOs in Hessdalen. It's allways about lights. Never solid objects. So it could be plasma appearences. Maybe there are specific geological activities deep underground. Specific gases come up got heated in the earth

  2. I`m Affraid It Isn`t A Flying Brumstick! or a Fireworks of any Mankind Could has Been The Star of Betlehem ? but where are the Wise Kings ! or Their Camels ?

  3. not very fast....seems to go in a basically linear trajectory ...going away from camera (?)(brightness decreases as it travels).....candle balloon/chinese candle?

  4. Chinese Candle appears a good guess at first glance. However, the wind was weak and from the east that night. The light is travelling to northeast. There should be weather stations in Hessdalen, however the data are not public.


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