New Rosetta Image Reveals UFO On Comet 67P

An image taken by the Rosetta spacecraft of Comet 67P and released by the European Space Agency appears to show a UFO on the surface.

According to NASA, the most intriguing and distinctive features are boulders that dot the surface of the comet. Despite NASA’s explanation that the most UFO-like objects are just boulders, this object doesn’t really look like a rock.

Besides, there are some other strange objects found on the comet (see video) which cannot be characterized as just boulders, suggest that comet 67P may hold alien life.

However, scientists have dismissed claims that the Rosetta comet could harbour alien life.

If the comet is not an ancient alien spacecraft and it is too inhospitable for life then explain the strange unnatural objects and a UFO on the surface of the comet.



  1. Do rocks usually have a shadow that looks like a strut or leg/joint? As a Geologist I can say mostly "No". However, this is a comet and comets are known to vent. That leg could just be a dormant vent tube. Not saying it is, and I'm not saying it isn't.

  2. Ufo? Gosh folks... Just a rock! Round and solid stone.

    1. it could a tetrahedron and you will call it a rock ..which only poroves one thing ..your part of the new reich


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