Possible UFO in space shoots beam of light

Last February 2015 the ISS camera captured two UFOs from which one UFO fired a beam of light towards earth.

NASA’s latest footage captured on December 8, 2015 shows again a UFO in space firing a beam of light straight in one direction.

The light beam straightens out, it intensifies and dims again.

Is it possible a UFO sends a beam of light to teleport to another universe or the strange activity proves there is a secret space war going on?

The video shows, besides a UFO shoots huge beam of light captured on December 8, the February footage as well as other recently captured strange and unexplained beams of lights.



  1. maybe communication. But if there is a space war going on we can be thankfull!
    That there are benevolent forces helping us that don't like what the draconians agenda is with earth and humans! A tremendous negative interference that disturbs the whole galaxy with the source here on earth did the andromedans caused to come here and if we would not have helped and the draconians could go on, we wouldn't have any future. Yeah as slaves for them and as a food source!! Great...but the andromedans, plejadians, some groups of greys and the most advanced species in our galaxy...the arcturians are for our luck on our side and hold against the draconians plan. Also human species from tau ceti, cygnus alpha (masters of sound). Thanks for help!!in the draconians hands there is no life anymore. Humans implanted with microchips just robot slaves. No free will.being their food and being scared to feed their eagerness for the force field our body emitts while in fear... A horrible existence would be our future!!!


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