Second Sun visible in Indonesie - A harbinger that Nibiru is nearing Earth?

Reports of a Second Sun continue. The latest report came from a witness who took a picture of a second sun from the 6th floor of the Silver Radar Tarakan building in Kalimantan, Indonesie on December 4, 2015.

The rare phenomenon was visible for a few minutes until it was covered with clouds.

In the world of science the phenomenon is known as a Sun Dog, an atmospheric phenomenon that consists of a pair of bright spots on either side on the Sun.

This phenomenon can occur anywhere and anytime. However, it will be more easily visible when the sun is at a lower position on the horizon (at sunrise or sunset).

However, many believe Nibiru does exist and a second sun in the sky is a sign or harbinger that Nibiru is nearing Earth.

A respected person who believes that Nibiru exists is Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)
Sasha Alex Lessin wrote a fascinating article about Nibiru, which I recommend to read. (Click here to read Sasha Alex Lessin's article). Below some quotes out of the article referring to the origin of Nibiru, where it is, when Nibiru will arrive and how it will affect us.

10,900 B.C. Uranus drifted away from the Sun and sped Nibiru toward Earth sooner than 3,600 years.

From 10,000 BCE. on, Uranus speeded Nibiru’s orbit to 3450 Earth years rather than 3600.

Nibiru has an orbit that looks like an infinity symbol. Every second time around this sidewise, (See figure left) Nibiru will cause earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions and possibly a pole shift.

If the information from the Ilat-Litum Tablets that a Nazi expedition in 1939 found in Antarctica is correct, many people will die because of this.

The Ilat-Litum Tablets explain Nibiru’s sidewise-8 orbit thus: “the point of crossing lies on one level but not at the same point in space. One time the encounter in (the zodiacal house of) Aquarius causes Earth’s orbit to shift, but the other time it orbits the asteroid belt without disrupting Earth.

Nibiru returned to perigee in 7450, 4000, and 556 B.C. and next returns to the inner solar system in 2900 BCE. Though the debris 180 degrees from Nibiru on Nibiru’s orbital path, its far LaGrange point moving in harmonic procession always opposite Nibiru, may be upon us now!


  1. This photo is NOT of a sun dog.
    Its missing the halo effect just for starters.

    THIS photo has No scientific viable explanation at this time.

    I my self have 3 working suspicions.

  2. atmospherical reflection.binary systems have different diameters because of different distances. I guess the nibiru or planet x theory is pretty probably. If it has an elliptical orbit and reenters the solar system now again it brings a lot of trouble with and to us. All the weather disasters and climatic changes, earthquakes, volcanic erruptions could be because of the gravitational influences a planetairy body like nibiru would have bring here! And most systems do have 12 planets! We've discovered 8! Ninth is Pluto, a tenth were "malona" once but was destroyed
    (asteroid belt now)! So still two planets missing...


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