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2016 X-Files exposes elite’s genocidal plan from global banking collapse to alien deception

Sunday night's premiere of the long-awaited 10th season mini-series marks the first of six installments, combining the alien conspiracy.

According to SGT.Report; the 2016 X-Files exposes elite’s genocidal plan from global banking collapse to alien deception.

The next video is recorded from the January 24, 2015 broadcast of the 2016 X Files premiere.

The truth is out there?



  1. Movie 5th wave, does it More so.

  2. It is the X FILES. Love the show, but if you followed it from its inception. It is just a rehashing of things that have already been proven as a fact years ago. Much like Lazars claim of Unpentium 115 back in the late 80's. They made him out to be a liar, but yet today this element is on the periodic table. As a whole, the government is counting on us as being unintelligent and to involved in our everyday life to give this a second though. In reality, they are rubbing our nose in the ignorance and know that the average man does not give a crap about it. The Industrial Military complex does now own the world. A very scary thought.

  3. 5th wave is an atrocious film. Kids outsmart an entire alien civilization and save the world. Teen fantasy.


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