Authentic 1958 photographs reveal clear flying saucers near Colima Volcano, Mexico

A series of clear photographs of some flying saucers were in taken in 1958 by Javier Torres and Alejandro Dueñas while driving on the road near the volcano Colima in Guadalajara in Mexico.

According to the people who took the pictures, the flying saucers are about 6 and 8 meters and the objects were flying some 40 meters away from them.

These are some of the most amazing authentic UFO pictures ever taken near the volcano Colima.



  1. Many of these are fake.
    All the video ones are fake.

  2. Who are you to say this so affirmatively ?

  3. Yeah it's a shame that there are so many dummies doing their hoax bullshit!
    They destroy with these cheap fake videos the objective opinions of the people. So the people are bored of ufo videos, thinking it's fake and the genuine ones have no chance to reach them. It destroys the open mind for a real phenomenon that would bring our consciousness up to a more advanced Level!!
    We're with many species for long time allready, but because of these hoaxer idiots the main public don't give the ET reallity a chance! Saying "it's all fake!"... That sucks

    1. Why should be aliens? Flying saucers are a hidden human technology, that can destroy the fuel business.

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