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Boomerang UFO caught on ISS camera – Amateur astronomer saw same UFO days earlier

On January 6, 2016 the ISS Live Feed Camera recorded a rare light grey boomerang UFO near the International Space Station. Four days earlier, on January 2, 2016, an amateur astronomer, living in Elgin, Illinois witnessed also a light grey boomerang UFO. Probably it is the same UFO.

The amateur astronomer states: .

I was in my backyard with my telescope and binoculars looking for Comet Catalina. The sky was dark and perfectly clear with a mild NW wind.

The object entered the field of view of my binoculars as I was observing the star Arcturus. It took about 2 seconds to cross the 5 degree field of view and was completely silent. It was uniform dull gray in appearance with no visible lights. It appeared to glide very elegantly and smoothly from north to south at roughly 46 degrees elevation. It did not change direction or altitude. XX Obviously I have no way to know its actual size and altitude, but it’s angular size was roughly one degree and its angular speed was akin to a passenger jet at moderate altitude.

Image left is a rendering.

The boomerang UFO I witnessed looked very defined. The color was slightly lighter gray and uniform throughout with no apparent details. The gradual tapering along the arms is correct. But the edges were very sharply defined with no mist around them. Yet the object did not give the impression of being flat.

I was sitting on a lawn chair next to my house. I followed it in my binoculars until it passed behind the eave over my sunroom. I immediately stood up and moved away from my house to look some more. But it was gone! It had disappeared. My impression was one of surprise.

As an experienced amateur astronomer for over 50 years, I have never seen anything remotely like this before.

My own general opinion on the very small percentage of UFOs that are not explainable by understood phenomena is that they fall into one of three categories:

1. Secret military aircraft.
2. Unknown atmospheric or magnetic phenomena.
3. Demonic manifestations

My wife, also a lifelong amateur astronomer, saw something identical from her parents’ backyard on the west side of Chicago in the spring of 1968. Three identical gray boomerangs appeared out of nowhere, passed near Orion’s belt and then completely vanished. They were silent.

My parents saw a gray boomerang in 1947 traveling at very high speed, much faster than any jets of the day. It crossed from horizon to horizon in only a few seconds. It also was completely silent.

I have discovered that this particular class of objects has been seen around the world for many decades. That would seem to rule out the first category above.

As a professionally trained astronomer and avid follower of new astronomical theories and discoveries, I have long held the strong suspicion that we are the only human beings (or any form of physical being with ability to reason) in the universe.

I have reached this conclusion only after much reading, investigation and a well-thought through process of reasoning. Therefore, I do not conclude that we are being visited by physical inhabitants from an extrasolar planet in our physical universe. That’s about it. Except, I plan on having a camera ready in case one happens along again. I hope I don’t have to wait another 50 years!

Below video recorded by StreetCap1 shows the ISS boomerang UFO

.By: Worldufophotosandnewsorg, case files


  1. I observed more than 20 of these exact same objects (some curved and some V shaped) over a 2 year period - 2010 to 2012 - from my home in SE London, UK. Some I reported on On one occasion there were 4 together. All were operating in and around the approach paths for Heathrow International Airport and the London City Airport. I tried to rig various motion detection systems to catch one on camera but was unsuccessful. Mostly due to the unsuitable nature of the camera equipment I was using.

    One of the objects was very close to me and became transparent as I watched it fly over. This begs the question of whether these things want to be seen or not or actually do not care either way. I do not believe these things were earth-military because they were flitting around in busy civilian airspace.

    I have a theory that major air terminals are a source of attraction and even energy for these objects as powerful radar and radio signals emanate from them. This ties in with other observations and theories about ufo activity around electrical storms and military bases. But anyone's guess is as good as mine.

    I have made 2 crude animated depictions but the problem is that even photographic material is not considered evidence due to the ease of hoaxing. It is funny because there is so much material now available that any sighting becomes 'drowned out in the noise'.

    In an age of great mysteries - dark energy, dark matter, multiverse theory and the like - I hesitate to simply believe these are ships from another world. I think they are glimpses from an infinite well of things we know nothing about.

    Thanks for the sighting. You would not believe, or perhaps you do, the sad way in which friends and family looked at me as I recounted my observations.

    I hope we learn something one day. These things have a strange and ominous beauty. They left me feeling filled with both hope and fear. In the words of the b(e)ard, "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
    Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."
    Kind wishes to the world.


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