Google Earth blacked out secret UFO base at mountain peak of the Himalayas?

Kangtega, known also as The Snow Saddle, is a major mountain peak of the Himalayas in Nepal with a summit of 6,782 meters.

A larger part of The Snow Saddle is blacked out on Google Earth. Some suggest it is just a glitch in the system but actually no one knows why this part of The Snow Saddle is hidden.

A closer look reveals that the blacked out part on The Snow Saddle is located in the same area as the Kongka La Pass, Ladakh, Lazai and Aksai Chin Lake.

All these places are well known for the strange phenomenon and suspicious objects coming out of the inaccessible huge mountains and where UFOs are seen coming out of the ground.

Aksai Chin Lake, 70 miles from Kongka La Pass is another mysterious place. On the bottom of this lake is a very big black hole which could be an entrance linked to an underwater base under the lake.

With all the on-going strange events that are happening in this area, it is quite possible, referring to the many witnesses who have seen suspicious objects and UFOs coming out of the mountains and out of the ground, that there is an entrance to a secret UFO base or secret military test/reverse engineering site behind the blacked out part on The Snow Saddle.

With the discovery of the blacked out part on The Snow Saddle a new chapter is added to the UFO mystery in the Himalayas

Here's how to find the blacked out part on The Snow Saddle and the black hole on the bottom of Aksai hin Lake on Google Earth.

Blacked out part on The Snow Saddle: 27°47'43.40"N 86°49'6.40"E
Black hole in Aksai Chin Lake 35°10'39.74"N 79°50'27.91"E