Mysterious interdimensional appearance in the sky seen near Colima Volcano, Mexico

A strange appearance in the sky is captured by the Manzanillo webcam near the Colima Volcano in Mexico on January 22, 2016.

The phenomenon which clearly shows ring-shaped contours of a disc-like object was seen for over 10 minutes before it disappeared.

Did the webcam captured an interdimensional alien craft, portal or interdimensional being who’s cloaking abilities were apparently lost when it's frequencies reached the very same level as our frequencies for whatever period of time it was visible?

UFOs and/or interdimensional life forms do follow intelligent patterns and they have to be a form of intelligent energy operating at the highest possible point of the frequency spectrum.

If they themselves are manifestations of higher energies, then something has to be manipulate those energies somehow and reduce them to the visible frequencies.

The earth is covered with windows into other unseen worlds. If we had the instruments to detect them, we would find that these windows are the focal points for super high-frequency waves – the ‘rays’ of ancient lore.

These rays might come from Orion or the Pleiades as the ancient claimed, or they might be part of the great force that emanates through the universe.

Something from these unseen worlds has given us the evidence that such rays exist by showing a UFO or intelligent life form of a different type by reducing its higher frequency into a lower frequency allowing us to see it?



  1. Really, we're resorting to obscenely obtuse levels now? I do say "we" because although I don't post much I am a constant observer and consider myself part of a community that seeks realism in the articles we see and scrutinises to expose falsities, this articles is borderline misinformation in relation to the content and target community. I personally would rather see no update than content of this calibre. Non content such as this aids the critic and completely opposes what we are trying to achieve. Please, as a site that has the word 'UFO' in its name and all that implies, show a little integrity. Yes 'UFO' has a broad scope, but I expect a narrow view from this site.

    Keith W

    btw did the other Keith leg it, can I skip with the 'W' now?

  2. The earth is covered with windows into unseen worlds if only we had the instruments to detect them ? So on that premise, how does anyone know about the so called windows?
    I personally can not accept the article on something being cloaked etc or an interdimentional being. I am afraid it speaks of pseudo science, fringe ufology.
    I think this is an increfibly naive explanation for whatever it was cought on a webcam. And I do belive there are UFOs which are unexplained. How can we know with surety what they are?
    The one I saw in daylight didn't exactly have Galactic Airlines on it as it sailed over my head. Therefore I keep an open mind, but not so open that articles on the above phot, allows my brain to fall out!


  3. We are developing inner abilities to access whatever we wish in an infinite universe. The quantum setup is higher and higher (see Bohm et al.


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