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Possible disc-shaped object hidden in cloud floating over Bologna, Italy

A UFO sighting reported to the Mutual UFO Network includes photos of what appear to be a strange cloud that looks like a flying saucer is spotted over Bologna, Italy on January 18, 2016.

Witness report: I was on my way to work, driving towards a long straight road in Bologna, the city where I live, in Italy and while I was looking ahead on the traffic I saw brilliant light in the sky in front of me.

The light was yellow/orange and seemed quite hot, just like a little sun; it was also surrounded by a beautiful little rainbow on its lower part. Although the day was quiet cloudy, the light and the rainbow were very clear in the sky.

Right after this, I also noticed a huge disc-shaped object floating steady just on the left of the light.

The ‘object’ seemed to me like disguised as a cloud; it was like a disc shaped cloud of a totally different color than its surroundings. It was light grey/silver/white, quite bright but the whole sky around was cloudy grey or clean.

I wonder if there is something hidden in the cloud. Mufon case 73961.

Note: There is strong evidence that UFOs do cloak themselves with clouds which they apparently generate. Did the witness photographed a cloaked UFO?



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