Space balls: Mysterious objects fall from the sky and crash land in northern Vietnam

Several mysterious, metal orbs originating from Russia crash landed in Vietnam's Yen Bai and Tuyen Quang provinces Saturday, giving locals quite the scare.

Three metal balls fell from the sky and crashed down in northern Vietnam at around 6:30 a.m. on Saturday.

The smallest, weighing 250 grams, smashed through the roof of a house in Yen Bai.

Thanh Nien News reports that a six kilogram sphere fell in a garden three kilometers away. The largest object landed close to a stream in Tuyen Quang and weighed nearly 50 kilogram.

Investigators determined all three balls are Russian-made compressed air tanks that likely fell from a rocket or aircraft.

According to VietnamNet Bridge though, it's not clear if Russia owns the objects or if they had sold the balls to other countries. Thanh Nien News reports that none of the objects were explosive.

It is not the first time, in the past years several bizarre spheres fell from the sky in Africa, Australia, Latin America and Europe and last October four "mysterious metal balls" were discovered in Spain and Turkey.



  1. There are actually far FAR too many of these containers falling.
    Many dozens have been found.
    The law of averages suggests that for every one found, its conceivable that 1 or more have fallen and Not been found. Im thinking its the cock roach rule,,,, for every 1 you see there are ten more you dont.
    Dont even get me started on how many can have fallen in the mountains, heavily forested area, or large bodies of water, never to be discovered.
    IF this is the case, then they are No fuel cells as so called experts may have us believe.
    No, I am Not suggesting they are alien in origin.
    But, I have to wonder at thier true purpose, and So should You.
    I am going to put a hypothesis out there just for the hell of it.
    They are used for seeding some thing. Likely in the atmosphere or ecology.
    Perhaps loosely related to chem trails, or rather, the purpose behind them, but seeding from Much higher up.
    I am not Prone to wild unfounded theories.
    So, lets just keep that notion in the realm of mere hypothesis for now.
    I would like to hear others input on it though.


  2. Just to tell you my own experience...for the last several years I have been taking photos of the sky, and when I darken and sharpen the photos, especially, it is clear that there are an endless array of artificial structures hidden by clouds and technology that makes structures appear blue, to blend with the blue of the sky.


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