Strange Light - Portal Opens Above Canberra, Australia?

On January 3, 2016 a strange light appeared in the sky above Canberra in Australia.

During a thunderstorm a bright ball of light suddenly appears in the sky. The following moment it seems as it explodes and turns into a doughnut-shaped light.

What is this mysterious light? Ball lightning, orb or a portal to another dimension?



  1. The creation gets bigger as it moves outward and that is a significant step in understanding any SUBJECT or individual

  2. Plays out like an explosion in space.
    well beyond the atmosphere.

  3. Great capture, for a moment I feared it could be a huge archons, whatever it is, its certainly unusual to see, peraphs another one of the many portals that recently seem to appear all over the world, maybe is connected with CERN experiments,
    who Knows !!!!


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