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Cigar-shaped UFO appears to fall into Colima Volcano

Witnesses and cams have recorded UFOs in Mexico especially near the Popocatepetl volcano and the Colima volcano. Both volcanoes have been UFO hotspots for years with hundreds of sightings.

Once again a UFO is observed and this time the webcam of the Colima volcano captured images of a cigar-shaped UFO appearing to plunge right into the top of the volcano.

I sometimes record this feed and the page takes snapshots every few seconds. Caught this on February 15, 2016, I don't think it's lava though, no smoke and too straight. Real-time footage. Streetcap1.



  1. More likely explanation would be an airplane passing above the volcano; the time required for camera exposure at night would result in a linear light trail just as in this picture.

  2. the answer is that simple when we realize the fact that there is a subterran world!
    a global network of caverns deep underground. inhabited by a reptile species. a native terran reptoid species! they're a reallity!!
    very precise in hiding their presence. but their "worker puppets",the greys, are moving with their cylindrical ships up and down for their purposes. the volcanos are entrances!!!
    there are many entrances worldwide. actually our complete planet is "under drilled" by their permanent expanding underground network! these reptoids are very sensitive for light of course, living in the dark. their eyes do have so much more photo cells than our eyes. thats why their eyes glow red or yellow! and they're coming up at night to hunt deers etc., because they need meat! but they use their strong advanced psychic abillities, called "Mimikry"!
    a sort of telephaty. they suggest the observer (witness) a form they decided to do. it's an Illusion.they don't really shapeshift. the observer often feels that tickle in the spine!because of the strong psychic field they produce, which is actually a electromagnetic field! And thats the true nature behind all these cryptids like werewolf,dogman,goatman and some bigfoots (the glowing red or yellow eyes gives the answer if it's a real bigfoot or a reptoid using it's mimikry!).
    the real bigfoots are a genetically created being by them! they want that we stay by our absolute wrong opinion that we're evolved from primates!we shall stay dummies!!!!!!
    under our feets is a lot of stuff going on

  3. And you have what proof for all of these wild claims seko? Or is it just a "feeling" you have?

    1. there is No such thing as proof. Only Evidence.
      Proof to one person does not constitute irrefutable proof to another.
      So called Proof, is also subject to new and updated data.
      New data can always change old conclusions, sums, beliefs.

  4. The powers to be need closure on Disclosure. Yes, we are not alone. Matter of fact, we are dumbest of the bunch. They are baby sitting. Just look at our governments. They are about as dysfunctional as it gets.


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