Eerie sounds in the skies of Canada and Oregon linked to the ‘Seneca Guns’ phenomenon?

On February 16, 2016, residents of Dollard des Ormeaux in Quebec, Canada heard a strange noise in the sky.

Two days later, an eerie sound is heard in the sky over Forest Grove in Oregon.

It is loud and annoying; that is how many residents in Forest Grove are describing a noise that is disrupting their peaceful neighborhood.

“It’s hard to identify what angle it’s coming from because it just kind of encompasses the area, we’re just hoping somebody might be able to identify it so we can report it and have it stop happening.” Paula Lynch told KOIN. In fact, Lynch says it is so loud she has to cover her ears to protect her hearing.

Fire officials believe it sounds like an air compressor, but city officials have no idea where it is coming from exactly. Residents say the sound is random, but there is no escaping it.

It seems the noises intensify as more and more people at various places reporting hearing unexplained strange sounds and booms.

Does the uptick in mysterious sounds and booms foretell a Mega-Quake?

The ‘Seneca Guns’:

For those unaware of this phenomena, the Seneca Guns, are described by the USGS in the following manner: The term “Seneca guns” is just a name, not an explanation. It does not tell us anything about what causes these noises and shakings.

The name originated in a short story that James Fennimore Cooper wrote during the 1800’s. The name refers to booms that have been heard on the shores of Lake Seneca and Lake Cayuga in New York State. The name has been applied to similar noises along the coasts of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Similar booms are called Barisol guns in coastal India. These phenomena have also occurred in three widely separated places around the world.

The nature of the Seneca Guns: We do know that such sounds and vibrations have been linked to earthquakes, with some of these booms occurring during earthquakes with varying intensity, with others occurring before or after the earthquake actually takes place.

These exact kinds of sounds were heard either before, during, or after the two of the biggest geological events on the East Coast to have occurred in American history – The 1886 Charleston Earthquake and the 1811-1812 New Madrid Earthquake. Read more about the Seneca Guns.



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