Mysterious triangular objects spotted over Newcastle, UK

Two unknown objects flying in formation over Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

Witness states: I was driving on the A19 and it was a sunny clear day and blue skies on January 11, 2016 when I noticed which I thought was a military aircraft very high altitude making big swooping turns it had a contrail so I took a picture of it on my Iphone.

I then took a second picture of it and then carried on driving and just watched it until I could no longer see it I then continued to my destination and thought nothing of it.

Second Picture.

It was then I got home and was scrolling through my pictures and on the second picture I took I noticed on the far right of the picture there was something which looks like a twin diamond shape or triangle with a sort of faint contrail coming from it which I did not see on the day I took the pictures.

I have added the two original pictures for you to take a look at to see if anybody can figure them out.

I am a very open minded person however this could be something completely rational but it seems very strange that I did not notice it at the time of taking the pictures of the military craft?

Hopefully somebody can explain what this was. Mufon case 74879.

Note: Could it be the infamous TR3B, a craft as shown in the image below or is it a type of craft of unknown origin?

Image craft bottom right is the new secret B-21 Stealth bomber. The US Air Force has unveiled the first image of its next-generation bomber. The all-black plane has a distinctive, zigzagging shape and a low profile designed to make it hard to spot on radar.

According to Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James the new stealth bomber has yet to be built, but she provided the world with the first glimpse of the project using an artist's rendering.