Strange Clouds Fall From Sky in Doukkala, Morocco

Yesterday, a strange sky phenomenon took place in the region of Doukkala in Morocco.

On February 4, 2016, a group of citizens witnessed the moment that weird clouds fall to the ground. The rare phenomenon occurred days after strange sounds were heard in other regions of Morocco.

But, clouds cannot plunge off the sky and settle on the ground, the clouds shown in the video falling in Doukkalaq is artificial foam according to Meteorologists..

Well, if it's artificial foam where it comes from and are these ‘clouds’ another proof of geoengineering and weather manipulation?



  1. Did anyone bother to take a sample? Have it analyzed?

  2. Its the Terrigen Mists, that guy touched it we need to watch him for mutations.

  3. looks like foam of some sort.
    Like soap bubble foam. But sturdier, longer lasting.
    Ild like to see it under a microscope and see if its chemical or biological.

  4. I remember a story about strange slime blobs that fell in a small US town, this is strange!


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