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Linda Moulton Howe – UFO breakthrough in the year 2016!

Dark Journalist "You’ve never heard Linda Moulton Howe like this before!"

Linda, in a rare and controversial prediction, reveals that she has received inside information from trusted sources that 2016 will be the year that at long last the reality of life beyond the Earth will be acknowledged officially by the political leadership and the UFO question and alien presence will be announced!

Dangerous Forces of Secrecy 

She also warns that the covert forces of secrecy and global domination are planning to cling to their subversive blueprint for maintaining the status quo by concealing the advanced technology and sophisticated exotic energy achieved from reversed-engineered ET craft.

She sees two possible timelines for the 21st century: in the first one, a new openness is achieved and the public learns to gain a certain amount of trust in the progress that begins to happen on the subject of suppressed and classified information regarding UFOs that’s been covered up since World War II.

In the other timeline, the Deep State of Corporate, Media and Intelligence forces seize control and throw the world into turmoil by ramping up police state tactics, False Flag events and completing a worldwide smart grid of invasive surveillance to further centralize and control the population using established methods of fear to Divide and Conquer modern society.

Where Did UFO Secrecy Get Started? Cape Girardeau! 

So many reports on classic cases, like the Roswell crash and the 1947 Kenneth Arnold Sightings are touted as being the first incident of a major UFO coverup, but Linda has discovered through the foggy mists of time a forgotten case of the crash of an off-world civilization with multiple witnesses in Cape Girardeau, Missouri in 1941.

At the time, future President Harry Truman and Four Term President FDR needed to collaborate to preserve the secrecy around the alien beings that were discovered at the crash site.

The beings were eventually taken to Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. (before the creation of the Pentagon) and according to new research, kept in a liquid state in jars in an underground base below the Capitol before being used in a bizarre Masonic Ritual to enact UFO Secrecy that would last for generations!

Has the time come for true UFO revelations that will give new universal meaning to humanity in the 21st century, even if it brings turmoil in the short term?

Or are forces inside a Breakaway Civilization preparing their contingency plans to keep their covert advantage of UFO Technology intact? Is it time for a UFO Breakthrough?



  1. What kind of a planet is this were wolves eating alive little baby deer is something good for Mother Nature? Whoever up there designed that system is a satanic bitch

    Could it be that the alien populations are doing things to disrupt the balance of nature, from polluting our skies and water, to greedily exploiting earth's life as their own and controlling us as if by Divine right, then reproducing with humans and animals which is out of sync with universe principles, again as if decreed by some Divine providence thousands of years ago, and have for millenniums, genetically altered the wolves and humans into these violent predators we see today?.

    1. You are awakening to the idea that there is something not right on our planet. Forget the 'history' as presented to us. We were highjacked during the time of Atlantis. The alien group was knowledgeable in DNA manipulation. They created mankind and numerous animal mutations. They did not create Hu-mans, who already had a highly advanced and peaceful civilization on several continents. IMHO, they altered species to be venomous and dangerous, to be more like them. IMHO, all will be revealed this year, so hang onto your heinie, stuff will be shocking but necessary if we are to be prepared for Disclosure and Ascension. Awakening is one step. This is for you,too, Robert.

  2. I wish I knew those questions. But the more I learn or think I'm learning, the earth seems more fucked up than ever.

  3. Why is she not mentioning the secret space program? She certainly knows about Corey Goode cause he was at that Conscious life expo.

  4. Dark journalist dude: using a white bavkground is a cool effect for a James Bond type video, but its very distracting when your guests are in their natural settings and you look like you are floating in some non time vacuum. Why the artifice? Why not just be the interviewer instead of a character in a video?

  5. I like Linda and she works hard to bring us the truth, but 2016 is a good time for TPTB to launch Project Blue Beam. I just don't trust the motivations of world governments since they are controlled by the global elite. The only benefit would be to argue for a one world government to build a united front against a contrived alien enemy since the world is onto the fraudulent War On Terror.


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