Mysterious creature filmed in the river Thames in London, UK

This was on the cable car in Greenwich on March 26, 2016. Something huge was moving under the water and then briefly surfaced.

Are there whales in the Thames or could it be a pod of dolphins?

Maybe, but there's still a huge shadow under the water that just looks like one giant sea creature with two large humps at the rear.

Whatever it is, it’s big.



  1. Any chance it could be a small submarine? we would be seeing the parts on top that are usually 2-3 in a row and progressively taller/shorter than the next.
    so maybe some sort of espionage or unspoken training being had

  2. Just FYI...
    The Lochness monster, a living fossil, is NOT in fact native to lochness.
    It lives in the oceans, and like salmon returns to rivers and lakes to bare its young.
    It can even traverse land for short distances to portage and circumvent obstruction.
    Its breeding cycle is unknown, but it spends Years away, often decades, from its chosen lakes.
    It is Not a single survivor reproducing asexually. There are many out there, and through the centuries have been seen.
    Most lake monsters in the world are of similar species and habits. Only seen more readily during their breeding time.
    Most such lakes Do have connecting rivers, to the oceans.
    The young will stay in the lakes for several years until they are large enough to journey to the sea and fend off predators.

    If you think there is Little evidence of all this, then You have not done your home work and research.
    Sightings are in the thousands despite them being an endangered species.
    This includes dead carcass's.

    1. I think you're weird. The Lochness Monster, to me, doesn't exist. I'll believe it when I see it. And so far, no such luck.

  3. I think that's a lost whale ,in 2006 this fact appeared for the first time in Thames river.

    You can find on Youtube severals documentary about it.

  4. London Evening Standard - Thursday 09 November 1848


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