Time traveler Andy Basiago issues statement on planet-transforming and global teleportation

Alfred Lambremont Webre published a remarkable statement on the objectives of time traveler Andy Basiago.

Below an excerpt from Alred’s article and a video in which Alfred talks about Andrew D. Basiago’s 100 Proposals – A New Agenda for A New America” in Truth, Reform, Innovation and Proposes Global Teleportation System.

In a March 11, 2016 statement from his campaign headquarters at Charlotte, North Carolina, independent U.S. Presidential candidate Andrew D. Basiago, a whistleblower and former U.S. chrononaut and Mars explorer in the U.S. governments top secret teleportation, time travel, and Secret Space program from the early 1970s to the mid-1980s, released his platform in the form of 100 Proposals easily accessible online at: andy2016.com/proposals

One of the most visionary and planet-transforming of the 100 Proposals is the following Proposal in Innovation:

Tesla teleportation:

On his visits teleporting from the year 1972 to a DARPA forward time base in the year 2045, Mr. Basiago has stated he found teleportation to be commonplace in the year 2045 on Earth.

Among the primary requirements of an advanced space-faring species that has graduated from war and money as two of its social preoccupations is a global teleportation system, this reporter’s research has found. Global teleportation eliminates the costs of transportation of people, products, and services and promotes the emergence of an advanced planetary peaceful, moneyless society.

Mr. Basiago also stated that unlike previous US Presidents Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama, all of whom were also identified as future presidents by Project Pegasus and briefed on their destinies but who then concealed their prior knowledge for political gain, he has made a conscious moral decision to make it publicly known that the U.S. government has used secret time travel technology to identify him as a future President. Besides all U.S. presidents have been briefed of their future destiny.


Notable in the Truth area are policies for the disclosure of secret advanced life-advantaging technologies of the U.S. government; declassification of secret time travel technologies; reform of the CIA to “open source intelligence”; a pardon and Presidential Medal of Freedom for Edward Snowden; a live television address ending the ET cover-up; Presidential policies for open ET contact; Transparency on NASA and the U.S. government’s Moon and Mars programs; Declassification of the Secret Space Program and Secret Treaties with ET races; Reinvestigation of 9/11 and the missing $2.3 trillion; New Geophysical Year on Cosmic mysteries; Protection of the Sasquatch under the Endangered Species Act; Government transparency under the Freedom of information Act.

An evaluation of the 2016 U.S. presidential race from a time travel pre-identification perspective does not yet definitively reveal who may have been pre-identified and briefed by DARPA-CIA time travel as to their future destiny as US President winning the 2016 election, but a possible candidate who may have been pre-identified and briefed by DARPA CIA time travel as a future US President is Donald Trump, who in a 2000 Simpsons cartoon was elected to a U.S. Presidential term that was a disaster.

One could argue that the Simpsons cartoon may have been an Illuminati leak of future information, but so far no other witness has come forward yet to link Donald Trump to the secret time travel program.

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