Witness summary video on close encounter with UFO in Ontario, Canada

Join MUFON Director of Research Robert Powell as he offers an overview on Case 74282 where three men on a hunting trip in Ontario, Canada, have a close encounter with a barbell-shaped UFO.

Witness interviews and CGI of the object created by Witness 1.

Case investigated by Indiana MUFON State Section Director Philip Leech. Listen to MUFON UFO Traffic Report radio show with Host Race Hobbs for the case overview with Guests Philip Leech and Robert Powell.



  1. How can we explain the following passages concerning Spiritual Encounters?

    “While bonding and/or sexual feelings are at a peak, the Visitors begin… procedures that physically intrude into her genitals or mechanically extract his sperm… The sexually bizarre nature of the event is retained deep within the unconscious mind of the human. (Book Title Follows)
    Children watch as the aliens perform procedures on sometimes - erect male genitals. These events can induce a profound sense of shame and guilt in children, both for having seen them and for thinking that perhaps they caused these events to occur to their family members. Furthermore, the children learn that adults have no control over the situation and their roles as protectors cannot be fulfilled. Adults are powerless. Only the (inter-dimensional) aliens have power, and the children are wholly and totally dependent upon them. This can lead to a deep sense of distrust and suspicion in young people...

    In other less-frequent scenarios, the aliens might urge the teenage girl to breed... They might bring in a man or boy to have intercourse with her for demonstration purposes. The psychological ramifications of all this can be profound - leading to guilt, shame, distrust, and other psycho-sexual development disturbances, as well as resulting sexual dysfunction. Page 252

    The problems engendered by [encounters] lead both men and women to question their own mental stability. They are often extremely introspective, having continually ruminated about their odd behavior - both sexual and otherwise - for most of their lives. These problems can be so severe that thoughts of, and even attempts at, suicide are not rare for adults and even young children.” Page 253

    How can we explain the above passages?

    If the abductees are relating events that do, in fact [happen to them], then we are presented with what might be… the most important event ever to befall mankind.
    If, on the other hand, the events do not have an objective reality and the abductees are imagining abductions, then we [still] have discovered something of immense importance. We have found a fascinating and inexplicable new psychological and socio-cultural phenomenon unlike anything ever discovered in the human psyche before. It is obviously worthy of intense scientific attention. No matter what the origin of these experiences, whether subjective or objective, this phenomenon cannot be ignored. Page 304 [Yet shamefully, academia ignores all these questions. And why is it that people who call out to God in the middle of an abduction experience have successfully stopped the abduction dead in its tracks?]
    “Children see their parents… naked enduring internal gynecological procedures.”

    Book Title, “Secret Life” by Dr. David M. Jacobs; publisher Simon and Schuster. Available on the internet.

    A Public Service Message - Copy and Pass Around

  2. It seems like you've read a book on the human psyche regarding abduction, well done, I'm glad you're interested. However I get the impression you're, or the author is less of a believer and more of a ...social worker. If that's what intruiges you then so be it, I am one to argue but don't in this case. I have not read the book you mention and I have no intention to, it seems to be a flimsy tie up with god to extraterrestrial beings with emphasis on humanities state of mind to bring a caring/god is love feel over the episode. Not for me, sorry.

    I have never read, and I do read, of children being forced witness to any sexual behaviour by adults in these circumstances. Why follow the path of the mental trauma of such incidents more than the cause as the cause has still to be proven to the general public.

    I do understand your point, and understand it's a quote, it just seems misguided and lacks focus on the immediate goal in my opinion. Hello by the way, I float round here from time to time, it seems just to upset people but it's honestly not my intention. In case you were wondering, yes, I'm usually quite drunk. Please feel free to retort to my reply as I probably won't respond unless you say something that piques my interest, no offence. Keep up the good work!(I regret typing keep up the good work now, I will doubly do so when I read it back, drunk again, well it is Saturday night)

    Keith W


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