Bizarre UFO Anomalies At One Million Miles Away

Two solid structures in Space at point L1, one million miles away, maybe one of ours meets one of theirs?

A possible alien satellite or ship passing by that monitors our Planet?

Strange white long object probably moving filmed over a 19.3 seconds open shutter and more unexplained anomalies filmed by the SOHO satellite that monitors our Sun. (SOHO images from April 11 to April 13, 2016.)



  1. Very interesting, but could be space debris?

    1. most space debri is man made. otherwise it isnt referred to as debri but specific things. man made debri is around earth not the sun. even if it was debri then it would have to be HUGE to be visible from this epic distance

  2. I would say the object on the bottom right of the photo is ours. Looks to much like a space shuttle to dismiss it.


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