Black Eyed Children – A Supernatural and Dangerous Phenomenon

Black Eyed Children or Bek - called this because their eyes are all black with no whites at all - are appearing to people and the phenomenon won't go away.

Those who report encounters with them often feel that the children were somehow supernatural and extremely dangerous though they could not explain why. Besides, the BEK's seem to leave the scene when the greatest level of fear has been reached.

One witness reported: I've seen one of these black eye kids at a mall. It was like I was staring at a empty vessel. He was dressed in a black suit. His face was so pale but his eyes were black. When he walked by me I felt a impending doom about him. He creeped me out and it was during the day. I'm surprised no one noticed him. He even walked creepy. What I felt around him as he walked by was a satanic feeling, very evil.

Here is L. A. Marzulli with a special report on this supernatural phenomenon.



  1. would have been better if it was done as an actual documentry, sticking to case facts. Throwing unfounable conclusions or hypothesis based on Bible and calling them fact does Not enhance credibility.

  2. I'm a Christian and i think evil exists but I think that these BEK are alien beings and very dangerous.Yes, this would have been much better with some documentary facts and storyline.

    1. Indeed they exist. However if you are connected with the Divine, you should have no fear. These energy beings operate on a very low energy level. They don't mess with the power of the lord Sir

  3. From all the cases of Black Eyed Kids encounters is not biblically it's more alien than supernatural they more like humanoid alien replicants from the Grays

  4. I truly and strongly believe and know that these kids are part of the dark alien agenda


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