Mystery: Giant Swastika spotted in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico

A giant swastika symbol has been spotted in the desert near Roswell, surrounded by different symbols and geometric structures.

There is widespread speculation that the symbol was dug out as a marker for pilots to practice their bombing runs during World War II but other say it is an ancient symbol created by Native Americans to communicate with aliens.

But ask yourself, what is the reason that this ancient swastika symbol is so close to Roswell?

This symbol is there for a reason. Could it be a location beacon for UFOs to come here?

Here are the coordinates to locate the Swastika in Google Maps and Google Earth: 33°12’22.6″N 103°35’05.3″W



  1. The supposed UFO looks like a crude drawing of a Nazi or Japanese Batteship :)

  2. Native Americans even used a symbol that resembled the swastika, so it would be interesting to see if the markings are from Native American tribes. Thinking along the line of the Nazca lines.

  3. My vote is for old aerial target. This can be confirmed - all of those facilities are on record.

  4. that's not a swastika, your only seeing that cause your brainwashed. its a bigger pattern.


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