White ethereal object, Flying Dragon and Face in the sky over Pueblo, Colorado

Witness states: I noticed that the clouds were quite spectacular looking, and wanted pictures. I take lots of pictures of the sky and clouds so I went out on the back steps and took the pictures.

At the time I took the pictures, last year on May 28, 2015, I didn’t see any object with my eyes, until I downloaded the pictures into my computer and was amazed at what I saw.

I had these white glowing objects on the pictures that I didn't see with my own eyes.

And on the first picture, next to the white object a strange face seems to emerge from the front of a cloud as well as a silhouette of a flying dragon.

I took the pictures right around sunset, and was facing directly to the West. The air was very charged, and my hair seemed to want to stand up, and I got the goosebumps. Mufon case 75889.


  1. On August 18 2016 , when I looked up around 3pm it was because I saw a shadow pass above my head and momentarily block the sun's light, wanting to know what's up, fearing that the beautiful sunny day was getting a dose of chem trail. To my sudden shock and wonderment above me floated a cloudy, wispy oriental, Bruce Lee in little China town style. Dragon, very sharply detailed. Quite beautiful. Now, I seldom talk to clouds, and at 55, know this , I have been looking at and loving cloud formAtion all my life. Especially I have been concerned about new cloud formations happening recently. It speaks to me that things are.not right with our sky the past few years. Not to get off trail , but I would like to know how many people have seen strange unexplainable stuff, changes, signs in the heaven's ,do you want to see my Dragon? I will try to post it here,if I can figure out how? I am new at these thing things, not sure if I got the picture posting part down.


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