General Says Prepare For Little Green Men (Video)

Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley was the keynote speaker at Norwich University during its Reserve Officer Training Corps Centennial Symposium, Northfield, Vermont, on April 21, 2016.

During his shocking speech he talked about ‘little green men and hybrid armies’ (at about the 0.46/0.48 mark) and warned us to be ready! (First video).

General Mark Milley may have just opened the flood gates of disclosure?

His words are meant to prepare those men for what is coming next but should these strange words mean anything to us? Maybe, following the latest rumors, they call it the ‘Trump threat’!

At first, keep in mind the threat of Donald Trump and his legions of followers are an omnipresent threat to the world domination plans of the criminal bankers. If Trump is successful in securing the Presidency and reversing globalist initiatives such as the free trade agreements, this movement could easily go international and that would be the ultimate globalist nightmare.

The political elite that has ruled under the dictates of the national security state since the end of the Second World War would assuredly consider the election of Donald Trump a “national emergency” requiring serious and concerted action.

Alex Jones talked with Trump insider Roger Stone (second video) about the dirty tricks the establishment might pull to try and keep Donald Trump from becoming President. If assassination, election fraud and a devastating false-flag attack upon the GOP does not do the job, well they could stage an international incident in where the globalists probably will use Aliens – the threat from outer space - to stop Donald Trump.

It will be made clear to the people that an alien invasion is imminent and the consolidation of government will be “needed” for mankind to survive.

A situation will be created in where they put it’s own citizens under martial law (third video - martian law preparations) in which everybody has to rally around the president and use that as a pretext to cancel the election, then Obama will use martial law to keep the White House post 2016.

We are all familiar with the notion of predictive programming which is designed to desensitize the people to coming trends and judge the reaction of the masses.

According to thecommonsenceshow there is a predictive trend going on right now and it involves resurgence in the concept of a false flag alien invasion, in addition, the strange speech of General Mark Milley, and it will not surprise me if the globalists will start a blue beam-like operation.



  1. Is there a legitimate candidate for President? No, but one man can upturn the apple cart with the masses support. This country was siezed by the elite decades ago. The powers to be are running scared now because the populous is waking up. They will stop at nothing to place their hand picked puppet in place. I for one say, put Trump in the office. He will either be killed or the truth will be exposed. This is the wake up call the American people need. This country needs a reset and the only way to do that is to expose the frauds for who they really are. Watch your back, free thinkers. We are in for a bumpy ride.

    1. berni is as close to legit as you will get.


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