Mysterious Weather Radar Anomalies Over Switzerland (Video)

A strange phenomenon appeared on the weather map last Sunday, May 8, 2016. A perfect circle of rain moved across Lausanne, Vallorbe a few kilometers to the south of Geneva in Switzerland, however at that time it was not raining!

The center of the mysterious circle - of around 80 kilometers in diameter - was directly above the mountain peak of La Dole in the Jura Vaudois and captured by the radar on the mountain peak of La Dole, one of the five weather radar stations from Meteo Switzerland.

According to Meteo Switzerland, the strange phenomenon appeared as a result of a problem with the radar processing but many people speculated that the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) is behind the mysterious circle above Switzerland.

And it is not first time, in recent months several strange weather anomalies have been captured by radar stations around the world.



  1. Hmmmm
    This has nothing to do about weather manipulation. What you are seeing is a microwave anomaly caused by temperature inversions and the electronics in the radar system. I have seen the identical thing in Australia. Take off your tinfoil hats!!

  2. What a laugher!!!! In a very dark and not funny way at all!

    If the rationale put forth by Meteo Switzerland is to be taken as truth then just about every NEXRAD station (same as at La Dole) in North America has a problem with it's "radar processing" systems too. This would amount to a complete breakdown of the system sold to countries like Canada & U.S.A. If this is the truth then there should be a multi-billion dollar lawsuit going on with governments suing the manufacturer! But there isn't, a lot like the rain that wasn't falling on Lausanne either.

    The problem for Meteo Switzerland is that Michael Janitsch a.k.a. Dutchsinse has a 5 year history of documenting these so-called "radar processing glitches" across N. America and demonstrating direct correlation to unnatural weather patterns. Checkout his website and blog for in-depth research on this topic and the publicly available white papers that describe how these high-powered microwave radar stations can alter the local climate. They also work in conjunction with the persistent jet contrails program to augment their form and trajectories as they pass overhead.

    In October of 2012 DutchSinse screen captured a monster "processing error" on a live radar feed over Mexico that spanned the entire continent from West to East. Anybody doubting that this actually happened can surf over to my own blog (8thdegreeofj.wordpress) and see double confirmation. I happened to be getting my daily update from his website when he posted this amazing image and I quickly went over to a live radar feed and saw it as well. I uploaded screenshots to my own blog. To be clear; the images on my blog were captured by me, they are not Dutch's images recopied to my site.

    Also on my site, the interested reader from this post will see a similar looking ring as shown above located over Ontario, Canada. The most notable difference is that this ring is over 500km in diameter!

    1. Would also like to say that I did not watch the SecureTeam10 video attached to this post when I commented yesterday. Having said that, the giant "glitch" over Mexico in 2012 was reconfirmed in Dec 2015 according to that video and if you compare it to the screen capture I and others got in 2012, they are nearly identical "glitches".

      So, @Dennis, how would you explain the nearly identical "glitches" separated by 3+ years. The answer is obvious; NO GLITCHES OCCURRED, these were intended actions. No naturally identical temperature inversions have occurred, these were intended actions.

      And you are completely out of line with your unscientific use of an ad hominem attack; tinfoil hats, are you kidding me punk!? Ok now we're even, but at least I've done my homework on the subject. You on the other hand are clearly ignorant of the publicly available facts..

    2. Jobe, you are spot on...and Dennis is obviously the on duty troll at the time of your post. The derogatory way in which he tries to belittle you is a dead giveaway. He purports to be "an expert" and having established that impression, gives you the once over in a belittling patronizing manner, using his assumed position of authority as the basis to ridicule you, instead of submitting scientific basis or evidence in his rebuttal. Do not even waste your time trying to prove anything to him, he is really not here for purposes of useful debate or discussion.

  3. No need to be derogatory, but Dennis is right. This is a common sight in meteorology. The center of those circles is the actual radar.

  4. Geoffrey thanks for clearing that up, I was worried that my tinfoil hat was at the center of those circles. I don't even live in Switzerland so wasn't sure how my hat could have got there in the first place.

    We're not debating 'what' is at the center, I was simply informing of what is NOT commonly known in meteorology; which is that climate-altering capabilities do exist within the technology utilized by NEXRAD radar stations. And Michael Janitsch has documented beyond a reasonable doubt that unnatural weather events have occurred (and continue to) as a result of their use.


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