Battlefield Earth - Aliens Among Us?

A 25 foot tall alien spaceship from the planet Psychlo crashed onto Hollywood Blvd. on Tuesday, June 14, 2016.

The event, accompanied by the malevolent alien security chief for Earth, Terl and the story’s hero’s Jonnie Goodboy Tyler and Chrissie, led by a team of 10 Scotsmen, complete with drums and bagpipes, celebrated the 21st Century edition of the International Bestselling Novel Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000 by L. Ron Hubbard.

Battlefield Earth is a swashbuckling science fiction saga of adventure, daring and courage, when man is an endangered species and the future survival of what's left of the human race is at stake.  

If you’ve read the 1977 Sci-Fi book Battlefield Earth, you’ll probably remember that it talked about Voyager, the actual NASA space probe that was launched in order to study the outer Solar System and hopefully make contact with would-be alien lifeforms.

The story was engaging, entertaining, and perhaps even a bit too realistic. If you have not read Battlefield Earth you will very likely want to after you watch this trailer that the publisher produced to relaunch the book on June 16, 2016, which is even more realistic and believable now than ever before.


In real-life The NASA Voyager Interstellar Mission carried a gold-plated audio-visual disc complete with photos of Earth, scientific information, spoken greetings in 55 languages, and a collection of music, and other information into deep space so that in the event that it was ever found by intelligent life forms from other planetary systems they would come to understand our planet and civilization. Having operated for over 38 years, the Voyager spacecraft still receives routine commands and returns data. In 2012 it became the first spacecraft to enter interstellar space. Conspiracy theorists believe Voyager actually did encounter extraterrestrial lifeforms (as depicted in the book) but then again it is unlikely we will ever find out.

Originally published in 1982, the novel has gone on to sell over 4 million copies, has been on bestseller lists for over a year and was voted #3 of the top 100-best novels of the 20th century by the Modern Library Readers Poll.

The unabridged audiobook is 47 ½ hours long, utilizing 67 actors with over 150,000 sound effects and, with its immersive sound, is a true movie in the mind.

Rumor has it that followers and fans of the book are using the story line to create ‘life-like’ videos that show how the story of discovering an alien life form might actually unfold online, a medium that obviously didn’t exist when Voyager was launched. It is pretty likely that I will have access to those videos once the word gets out that I’m writing about it here (and hopefully you’re sharing this on your social channels). If I do get access to the videos, which rumor says they’ll be available around mid-June, I will post them here and on my social channels for your entertainment and ‘deep pondering’.

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