Formation golden-shining UFOs move at tremendous speed over Kirk Lake, Mahopac, NY

The next image shows a formation of three golden shining UFOs flying above Kirk Lake, Mahopac, NY.

The witness who lives on Kirk Lake, Mahopac took a photograph of the Lake on June 12, 2016, afterwards while checking the image she saw three strange flying objects in the photograph.

Despite two UFOs in the background are not recognizable, the third UFO in the foreground is very recognizable in the image and although the object is “Motion Blur” it’s clearly a flying disk.

Motion blur is the apparent streaking of rapidly moving objects in a still image. It results when the image being recorded changes during the recording of a single exposure, either due to rapid movement.

Given the fact that the UFOs were not visible to the naked eye, they must have moved at tremendous speed.

The question is whether these strange objects are man-made or not! Mufon case 77033.


  1. To be honest look like ceiling lights reflecting on the glass in front of the viewer or photoshopped in to me.

    1. I agree with The-Kaiser. With "discs" so bright against a gray sky, how could you not see them?
      Obviously ceiling lights which wouldn't be seen at the time. So either the photographer is very gullible or is jumping on the band wagon.

    2. FYI - there are many light wavelengths human eyes are completely blind to yet cameras, esp cheaply filtered cell phones, do indeed pick up. This is why we have Nighvision (IR and UV light are among these unseen wavelengths, as are X-rays, Gamma Rays, etc., all quite real yet we can't see them). Paranormal Research, utilizing these technologies, is proving there are a up a wealth of discoveries to be made in these unseen wavelengths - although they are mainly looking at the IR and UV. Trail Cameras with Nightvision are also picking i up anomalous images- just ask Feild and Stream or Bushnell who sponsored contests. The Human Visual Spectrum is quite small, and we only see a small portion of the available light wavelengths (magnetic radiation). Insects, sea life and even other animals such as cats, see our world quite differently. Indigenous and megalithic peoples have long claimed there is a spirit realm or underworld all around us - a perfect description of these unseen wavelengths - remember, we can't see oxygen, but yet it's there just the same. Most of us played with a prism in 3rd grade Science class... yet sadly, many forget such lessons.
      Brett Allen - Cover UFO Magazine 2009

  2. If we assume the photo is real then it is quite possible to capture objects that were not noticed at the time. No country on earth has advanced flying disk technology of the type required in the photo therefor it is Alien. Again assuming that it is not a reflection but is an object in the sky.


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