Strange lights appear after eruption of Popocatépetl Volcano (Video)

The Popocatépetl volcano area located in the states of Puebla, Mexico is well known for UFO Sightings and eerie lights moving above and near the volcano.

After an eruption of the volcano on June 19, 2016 something strange happened again when suddenly mysterious lights appear above and near the volcano.

It seems like many ufo’s/orbs are flying around and above the volcano but there is an explanation for this phenomenon?

Could it be a reflection of the webcam camera and these lights are small molten rocks “lava” expelled by the volcano during the eruption and falling back to the ground or the webcam captured something unnatural?



  1. If anyone at all thinks that is hot lava they have common sense issues, those were beyond a doubt (Unidentified Flying Objects) I've seen them in person with witnesses in my life, and I've taken photo of alien craft.Mankind needs to quit thinking so dam highly of ourselves as their are definitely others out there in this vast ever so Vast universe of Everybody..:-)

    1. Indeed they are Real. In this Vast Universe there are many Planets that Sustain Life, we have never been alone.

  2. I have seen these before flying over Mobile Bay in Alabama. They were there at one instant and then they were gone. You can't make this up.


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