Strange sky phenomenon “mini sunset” photographed over Taupo, New Zealand

A strange sky phenomenon has occurred over Taupo New Zealand last month on April 7, 2016.

The witness, while travelling home from work was stopped at road works when he noticed as the sun was going down two objects in the sky.

According to the witness, who took a photo of the phenomenon, the sphere next to the sun is green with four white dots on its surface and the second one is a large white sphere located above the sun.

While the green orb with the four dots is a typical lens flare it not explains, unless it’s our moon, the large white object above the sun what looks like a second sun,

“Whatever it was, it was very strange to see something what looks like another mini sunset.” said the witness who reported the phenomenon to Mufon. (Case nr. 76712.)


  1. This is what happens when ever you point your camera lens directly at the sun, the white small sun and the green dot are all by products of the CMOS sensor in your camera.. Sorry nothing exciting to see Here! Move Along

    1. Point well taken. I agree

    2. One should never be absolutist and smug when in actuality you are just "guessing". Having no knowledge or experience you are simply giving your uneducated "opinion". Why do I say this? Because what occurred here is EXACTLY what I saw AND took 15 photos of 3 days ago.

      Tthe green orb we took pictures of moved in random directions and came right up to the edge of the road only meters away from us. My friend also took 3 bursts of photos (with 30 frames in each) with his Samsung S6 and my pics were taken with an iPhone 6 Plus. It appears a little different in both our cameras. In my friends photos the same 4 lights can be seen as shown in the above photo! It was actually the giant glowing sun/planet/whatever it is that we were photographing - the orb we didn't even see until looking at the photos afterwards.

      There were other people there (local residents and people walking dogs) who all had their cameras and phones out taking pics also. None of us had seen anything like it. I will submit the photos to this site so these pages can be linked.

      As an aside, there are plenty of Youtube Videos of these same exact green orbs. I had no idea until we started looking tonight. I'm still sitting here gobsmacked!


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