Weird Sea Creature “Underwater UFO?” near Antarctica discovered on Google Earth

No idea what this is but it looks like a massive sea creature which made me think of a prehistoric Plesiosaur or a gigantic squid.

But if you look more closely it looks like an artificially made object, an underwater UFO coming out of the ocean?

One thing is certain, the unknown object made a massive disturbance in the ocean down there and who knows what really caused it.

Here are the Google Earth coordinates and form your own opinion.

63° 2'56.73"S 60°57'32.38"W



  1. Could this be a megladon from millions of years ago maybe it could be a living one

  2. Definitely a large squid surfacing for whatever reason. Oh, and to me it looks like it's battling with a species of whale or other gargantuant marine animal.


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