Ancient statue figure “The Watcher” discovered on planet Mars

Another mysterious discovery has apparently just been made on the surface of the planet Mars.

A recent image captured by NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover shows what looks like an ancient statue figure standing between two rock formations on the planet's surface.

It is possible that this statue has been placed by an advanced ancient civilization?

A watcher, who is looking out over the valley below, a statue in the form of a human-like figure protecting a civilization or the statue is simply the result of low image quality, pareidolia, and tricks of light and shadow?

Original image.

Link SOL 1387.
Link image:


  1. There is something jet above the human like figure that should not come up at all.

  2. Its a coincidence. This is obviously a part of the rock structure to the left of the "watcher". I repeated placing this "watcher" into the space directly to the left of the rock structure and the "watcher" fits like a glove. Even though the gravity on Mars is less than the gravity on Earth, it is still gravity and is going to pull pieces of rock structures to the surface. The extreme weather also is a factor here. Ice is already known to be on Mars. It is scientific fact that water and rock structures do not mix well and create boulders all over Earth. Also there are two specs in the sky above the "watcher"...This however I was not able to clear up to get a better quality view of them. This is most likely soil or dust from constantly driving around on top of soil.


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