Knowledge of the forever time: Ancient Aliens 200,000 years

It is believed by science that the oldest knowledge that we can find in recorded human history here on Earth points to primitive man and cave paintings.

But what if we discovered that hidden within those cave paintings is a sophisticated ancient alien system for tracking and navigating star constellations for interstellar space travel?

Further study suggests that this prehistoric history recorded on stone also contain screams of fear and desperation that tell us how our world will end. However, new evidence reveals another story of pre-historic high technology and an extraterrestrial connection to our ancient past. And, believe it or not, it tells us how to save ourselves from an impending doom.

It turns out that encoded in the Nazca Lines of Peru is the knowledge of Stargates that hold the key to interstellar travel that may be within our grasp.



  1. OK how do I get that 56 mins back?

  2. I think there is some truth here, in that there is more story to these paintings than we initially realize, a bigger picture a larger message, but....
    How such conclusions as these are reached is beyond me. Im not going to say they are not correct, because I try to keep an open mind, and I simply do Not know for sure.
    ... But I think the author doesnt have much of a leg to stand on and is reaching. like way out on a limb reaching.
    Take with a grain of salt.

  3. u right V, i wonder how one can come up with conclusion if not aiming to disinformation. this society is based on the culture of "believe me"

  4. How do you think scientists brainwash us. They're "experts" and we are supposed to believe THEM. Right!

    One doesn't know what one doesn't know therefore one is open to LEARNING. In other words: I Know I don't Know what I need to KNOW.


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