What Is This Weird Creature With Wings?

Brian Foerster saw this very odd being in an office in Mexico City in January of 2016.

The creature looks like a small human with bright wings, like fairies. Or could it be an ancient locust, similar to the locust creatures in Revelation 9, insect-like creatures with human faces or maybe it is a flying humanoid?

Some believe the winged creature is not real, but Brian as a trained biologist has a hard time thinking it is fake.



  1. God Damnit with that BUY the video here Crap!
    If you HAVE some thing, DISCLOSE it already, before it up and dissapears and all the copies and cds and records and what not can be confiscated!

  2. The world is so weird and we are equipped with the tool of science , let us explore
    and explore with open mind though with intellectual scrutiny


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