Massive golden UFO orbiting Earth

NASA: Please stand by. Our high definition earth viewing camera is currently recording an unidentified flying object in the upper atmosphere… Oops, we are experiencing a temporary loss of signal with the International Space Station.

Streetcap1 thought he was seeing things at first then quickly started recording. To his surprise they cut transmission (attempt at joke).

Anyway this has to be huge whatever it is. If it was a building it would be hundreds of miles long.



  1. I just saw this thing a few nights ago. I view the ISS often but this thing was much larger and appeared to be a bright orange color (golden?).
    I videotaped most of it with my cell phone but closeups were very pixelated. At one point it was clearly releasing small orange orbs. 4-5 of them.
    Then it flickered out. Cloaking maybe?


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