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Huge Alien Spacecraft comes out of the sky over Lecco, Lombardy, Italy

An incredible event took place in the skies over Lecco, Lombardy, Italy on November 2, 2016 when a huge alien spacecraft suddenly appeared in the sky then the UFO released bright spheres.

Giuseppe Filipponi who witnessed the event took images of the flying saucer, before it disappeared again shared the images with Gabriele Tim who published the amazing phtographs on the Facebook page Alertaperiodismoalternativo.

Italy has had nearly 250 earthquakes since Augustus, with a 6.6M quake on October 30, 2016 which was the strongest earthquake to hit Italy in 36 years. The mysterious sighting over Lecco, Lombardy happened two days before the 6.4M earthquake that hit Chile on November 4, 2016.

It is not the first time that UFO’s have been seen before earthquakes and it is said that these UFO’s which have arrived and guided by extraterrestrial beings to either monitor the worsening geological situation or trying to warn us of an impending disaster to come.

Could it be that this alien spacecraft was trying to warn us that we can expect more?

Davisito de Zabedrosky has analyzed the UFO images with the help of Midolo Corrado which result you can see in the video below.


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