Mysterious Blue Spiral Appears In The Sky Over Mexico

Kat Martin spotted this weird blue spiral in the sky over Mexico on December 7, 2016.

My first reaction was “lens flare” but this blue spiral is too perfect and it reminds me the Norway spiral years ago. Moreover, I have never heard of a blue spiral lens flare.

But what makes it even stranger is the round red object at some distance behind the blue spiral.

Could it be a blue electromagnetic pulse originating from an unknown source or maybe it is a holographic display realized by a technology which is unknown to us?

But what about the red object behind the spiral? There is a logical explanation for this phenomenon?



  1. Isnt this old news?It was seen over Sweden several months ago,and supposedly was Russian rocket.

  2. Replies
    1. You can tell this is a lens flare, as the sun rises the flare moves down and the center white dot is 100% lens flare, I guess potato chip oil on the lens. Remember folks cameras and chips don't


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