Chilean Navy Releases Video of UFO Spraying Chemicals into Atmosphere

An exceptional Navy video of a UFO displaying highly unusual behavior, studied by Chilean authorities for the last two years, is now being released to the public.

On November 11, 2014, a Chilean Navy helicopter (Airbus Cougar AS-532) was on a routine daytime patrol mission flying north along the coast, west of Santiago.

On board were the pilot, a Navy Captain with many years of flying experience, and a Navy technician who was testing a WESCAM’s MX-15 HD Forward Looking Infra Red (FLIR) camera, used most often for “medium-altitude covert intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.”

Shortly thereafter, the pilot contacted two radar stations to report the unknown traffic. Neither station could detect it on radar, although both easily picked up the helicopter. Air traffic controllers confirmed that no traffic, either civilian or military, had been reported in the area.

General Ricardo Bermúdez, Director of CEFAA (Chilean government agency which investigates UFOs or UAPs) during the investigation, told to the Huffingtonpost – Read full article “We do not know what it was, but we do know what it was not.”

Video 1: Short version.
Video 2: Full nine-minute version.