Glowing UFO emerging from Interdimensional Portal in the skies over Romania

A resident of Romania captured a strange anomaly in the skies over the region Cluj on December 29, 2016.

The resident who uploaded the image to MUFON, who registered the event under number 81280, stated: "I noticed later on this light anomaly on the photo. Nothing similar on other photos taken before or after on the same trip. Even for me, not being a specialist, the light is not appearing as a reflection."

It's hard to say what it might be but it looks like a glowing plasma anomaly emerging from a portal or eventually arrives through this interdimensional portal which is clearly visible near the anomaly.

And although it remains unclear whether the glowing plasma anomaly is a UFO or not, it has been consistently reported that glowing UFOs become visible when they undergo color changes upon acceleration, that is, as the UFO begins to move, its glow may shift to lower frequencies or to higher frequencies. The reasons for these shifts are complex in nature and determined by the particular operational characteristics of the plasmadynamic propulsion system involved.