Invisible Portals and Two Rotating Orb Displays Examined

In this upload there are examples of invisible portals and two rotating orbs and dark rotating shadows with unique shapes observed in association with a main illumination.

Rotating Orbs:

The speed the dark shadows are observed moving over the surface is amazing. The shadows also seem like a support for the bright sphere as they move around it and block light.

There are similarities discovered and a better understanding of the bio-mechanical properties and how light plays an important role in communication.


Portals are observed too by whotookmymojo and there is another brief display.

It appears the area observed is part of a larger cloaked craft and hypothesize the openings would completely cover the bio-mechanical craft.

There seems to be another close light source that shines briefly on the transparent surface and area of portal illumination.

History of the event helps to know they are aware of showing the camera and audience presentations of an otherworldly nature.