The Rock we all live on called Earth is Cracking Up!

We are talking about the rock we all live on called Earth and it seems to be well cracking up in more ways than one also seems what is up with the Sinkholes?

Almost like something or someone been doing a little underground digging, what was that story about a race of beings who inhibit under the Earth, maybe they are expecting something.

But serious, cracks as big as states showing up all over the world, which proves that the tectonic plates are shifting and they are moving faster now than at any point in the last 2 billion years, according to the latest study of plate movements.

Something is tugging on our planet and we are seeing the effect like the last reported huge crack which appeared between Kuruman and Danielskuil in South Africa on January 12, 2017. No matter what something is going on!



  1. it is expanding.
    If you shrank the globe, you would find the continental plates with out oceans fit together like a large well fitting puzzle on a smaller ball.
    Once, the globe was smaller.
    One day, we will have a 25 hour day.

  2. January 12 was the full moon with the sun and moon at 90 degrees to Jupiter. While some people think that the relationship between the planets positions and earth changes has been disproved, the opposite is true. I have a peer reviewed paper that will be published in the next few weeks that proves that in fact the positions of the planets is highly correlated with earthquakes.


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