More and more people seeing strange bright flashes in the sky

It seems that more and more people seeing strange bright flashes in the sky.

On April 4 and April 5, 2017 there were a series of these flashes above the Earth which have been captured by Streetcap1.

A person who witnessed these very rare events said: “I have seen flashes like this just looking up at the sky. Quite a lot lately and wasn't sure if I was just imagining it but now, yes this is what I have seen from my back yard! I see them every few nights too, pretty weird. It's not like a meteor but a fast flash in a line in one spot. It doesn't seem to go across the sky or anything.”

What are these greenish colored flashes/objects?

If you look at the flash/object captured on April 5, see above image, then it does look like a door that has been opened to let light shine through and maybe UFOs which arrive to Earth through portals from another dimension or could it be that we are witnessing secret experiments above Earth?