The Beginning of the Hessdalen Saucer Footage recorded on May 26, 2017

Another unexplained event happened in the sky over Hessdalen, Norway on May 26, 2017.

Just before the live stream cam went into Night Vision, it captured three odd looking saucer-like objects, which were at the same height.

Streetcap1 who managed to record a part of the live stream said that he uploaded the footage because he had never seen this rare saucer type phenomenon in the sky over Hessdalen before.

Editor’s note: the video shows besides the three saucer objects several misty round circles which are probably water drops on the lens of the camera but he three saucer objects are water drops too, or given she strange shape, the objects are indeed flying saucers?



  1. i believe that other life exist but come on, this is why now one belives people who claim these things, these 3 saucers you are claiming are nothing but water condencation on the lens, the weather is clearly hazey so i debunk it as water dropplets/condenseation!

  2. yes, light refraction through water droplets on lens.


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