Serpent-like object appears in the sky over Crewe, UK

My friend and I were walking our dogs at approx 6 pm,we live in/on the west end of a small town called Crewe Cheshire, UK walking on our local field The George playing field on April 14, 2017.

My friend was taking pictures of the sky and cloud, due to there being lots of interesting types of clouds, when he spotted what appeared to be a contrail from a crazy pilot.

However when we zoomed in on a picture he took I realized that it could not, in any way be a contrail. There were many planes in the sky, and their contrails were totally different to this, and dissipated with the wind at a fast rate.

Not only this, but where ever there was a contrail a plane was clearly visible at the front of it.

This ribbon shaped worm thing stayed in the sky unchanged for over three minutes before it suddenly disappeared completely!

When I returned home, I typed "sky snake" into Google, and immediately I found identical anomalies, however no explanation as to what it may be.

I have asked pilots that i know through model plane groups on Facebook and they have said they have never seen anything of the sort before and agree that it isn’t a contrail.

Each end of the (snake) has the same shape. There was no craft, helicopter, drone, plane or any other type of terrestrial craft near this thing.

Also there are areas of the thing which appear to be flattened compared to others, almost like a twisted ribbon, reminds me of a tape worm.

The size of this thing must have been several miles long, as you can see by the pictures. This is not an image artifact; this thing really was in the sky. I have uploaded the images to Mufon case nr. 84223 any help identifying this would be greatly appreciated.


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    1. It is... very.. and todays date is 29/3/2019 and i still have no answers.

  2. One of our claimed astronauts, Dr.Story Musgrave has seen space snakes..however I'm not so sure that what's seen in this image is one.

    Being a custom printer of both b&w & color photography this appears, to me, to be a fine, tiny strand of lint on the negative during printing.
    The enlarger prints any debris or particle in the negative, in reverse..thus making this 'snake' white.

    There's no mention if this 'anomaly' was seen w/the naked eye, or only through the cameras lens.
    The fact that any contrails seen included their cause, at their end, or beginning, a plane, doesn't make it a real space snake either.

    While I believe there are many many oddities we humans a have yet to see..or have seen and refuse to believe (not me :), I am not 100% convinced that this is what it appears.

    Link to astronaut Story's space snake memory: NASA UFO STS-61 - Story Musgrave sees Snakes in Space - YouTube

    1. These pictures were taken by me!!! The object was visible in the sky.. that is why i took the pictures. i used a digital camera. no artifact. This WAS there... i have no clue how to use editing softwear.. it took me a week to figure out how to crop and zoom in. The contrails in the sky were being blown away very fast!!! this was stationary for over ten minutes before vanishing. Secureteam10 and MUFON were of no help. I have reached out to atmospheric scientists but yielded zero results.
      Find me on facebook. Jay Wallace. pic is me, long hair beard.. if you want to know more.. or if any of you can help i would be very greatfull. I can even take more pictures from the same view point so you can all see that it is indeed me who saw and took the pictures.

    2. Hi folks. just joined. I discovered that you have uploaded some pictures of mine. Id be very happy to chat about them, answer any questions.. as it seems a few people do not have all the facts regarding the images. I was shocked to find them here! However, i am more interested in getting the anomolie identified. regards Jay

    3. Lauri B is there anyway for us to have a chat about thes pictures please... 29/3/2019 today.. and i still do not have any answers ....... many thanks. Jw


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