Giant Mysterious Rectangular Anomaly Emerges From Sun

An image from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) and uploaded to Helioviewer (Solar and heliospheric image visualization tool) on September 2, 2017 shows a giant rectangular anomaly that seems to emerge from the sun.

Clearly visible is the defined structure of the enormous anomaly.

Even the sun spot on the right side of the structure seems to be framed making it seem like it's an entrance or port.

Whether it is a giant alien craft, an entrance / port to another dimension or just a camera glitch this mysterious rectangular structure is completely out of place.



  1. As almost always, these pictures are composed of several seperate pictures. You can clearly see it's not a single picture in the black/white picture provided here. The "shape" you see is just only the edges of the pictures used to form that whole big picture.


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