Who is this woman in striped colorful top looking at the Curiosity Mars Rover?

While checking Mars images captured by the Curiosity Mars Rover, Streetcap1 spotted a strange figure that looks like a woman in a striped colorful top crouched down looking at the Rover.

As it is not the first time that human-like figures have been spotted on the surface of Mars we may wonder whether this figure is really a human or humanoid living on Mars or just an incredible case of Pareidolia.

In the video below Streetcap1 shows besides the supposed woman-like figure another strange figure that looks more alien/humanoid. Although I’m convinced that the woman-like figure is more than just a rock, the other humanoid figure is more likely a shadow or reflection in the landscape, but you never know.

Now suppose the woman in the colorful striped top is real than the thing that I ponder here is, who is she and how she ended up there?