Who is this woman in striped colorful top looking at the Curiosity Mars Rover?

While checking Mars images captured by the Curiosity Mars Rover, Streetcap1 spotted a strange figure that looks like a woman in a striped colorful top crouched down looking at the Rover.

As it is not the first time that human-like figures have been spotted on the surface of Mars we may wonder whether this figure is really a human or humanoid living on Mars or just an incredible case of Pareidolia.

In the video below Streetcap1 shows besides the supposed woman-like figure another strange figure that looks more alien/humanoid. Although I’m convinced that the woman-like figure is more than just a rock, the other humanoid figure is more likely a shadow or reflection in the landscape, but you never know.

Now suppose the woman in the colorful striped top is real than the thing that I ponder here is, who is she and how she ended up there?



  1. Has anyone considered that with all the Earth-like things found on Mars that the rover is actually on Earth? Wouldn't be the first time NASA lied.

  2. Someone keeps cleaning the dust off the solar panels of the rovers also. Personally, I don't think NASA has told us much that is true. Especially when you see footage of "astronauts", who are supposed to be on the ISS, sitting in front of blue screens playing with a green screen ball while on a television screen that same astronuaght is on the ISS playing with a floating water drop. You can also see harnesses and wires on the astronuaghts quite often...why do they need those in 0 gravity?


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