Strange lights hover over a yard in Virginia

A security camera set up to watch deer has recorded a very strange flying object with bright lights hovering over a yard in Virginia on November 16, 2017.

The owner of the cam stated that his ex wife was texting the video of the cam in her yard and said what the heck are these things?

Checking the video he saw strange lights flying like bugs but they don’t look like bugs or insects as you can see real bugs and insects flying around.

The lights are geometric and seem to be connected to each other and move in on the camera that gives off no light.

The owner who has submitted the video to Mufon case 88593 wonders whether the object is a UFO or something that can be explained as he has never seen something like this before.


  1. Not very convincing, now the next time you see a spider web in front of a camera with night vision you'll see what your seeing in this video....this is exactly what your viewing this time. NOTHING TO DO WITH ALIEN LIGHTS OR UFO'S. SORRY!

  2. On my earlier comment, How I know this is a spider web is because periodically I have to go outside at night and sweep away the spider web's because of the generated heat from night vision red lights in which they are attracted to. With a little breeze at night they sway in the wind, and you get the perception of "STRANGE LIGHTS". Thank You, J Weston


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