Photographer caught Glowing Green Object in the sky over Area 51

The photographer was driving around the dirty roads around the perimeter of Area 51 and took many images with his I-phone set to “live” photos but saw nothing at the time.

When he reviewed the images he noticed in one image a large vertical glowing green object in the sky.

The photographer said that he has an interest in unexplained phenomena, but have never before seen anything live or in any photo he took. He understands there could be multiple other explanations, but he doesn’t know how to explain this glowing object. Mufon case 89517.

The following image was taken by a tourist last year 2017 who made a trip to Villefranche de Confluent in France and shows an odd object hovering over the top of a snowy mountain.

When zoomed in on the object it appears to be surrounded with bright lights.The strange object was not visible in other images taken at the same time. Mufon case 89519.