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UFO Beam appears in strange orange sky over Stockholm, Sweden

Soheila Nickros was looking outside 3 am yesterday, Mach 31, 2018, when she saw a very strange sky that appears to be orange/reddish but even more strange was an object with a beam of light that seemly stands motionless in the sky.

Soheila already surprised by the strange colored sky wonders whether the object is a UFO or not.

Besides the strange colored sky that is currently being observed around the world, especially in the US, is it possible that the UFO Beam is a reflection of a street light or a camera reflection?

But comparing the UFO Beam with the outlines of the street light it is not the same, maybe a lens flare but since the camera moves a slightly, the lens flare must follow the motion of the camera, in this case the UFO beam still stays at the same spot.


  1. Tall lampost reflecting light in the upper part. Red dot to right in the sky could be anything.

  2. Come on, this is just a streeetlight illuminating its OWN pole. As soon as the video starts, the IDENTICAL "telescoping flagpole" like streetlight is at the left side of the frame. That it appears to be a "beam" is just reflection of it's own light under odd lighting conditions and lucky perspective.

    As to why you DON"T show the left pole in the still frame grab you splash on your website I don't know but I do find it disheartening. Let's also consider the individual filming it could simply have walked UP TO THE LIGHT TO FIND OUT... since they are clearly not far away...

  3. this UFO is using hi Alien Technology to scan for minerals in the ground namely Gold,Silver,Iron Ore-Copper,etc..the beam of light is is about 1 meter in diameter-sometimes its a blueish beam,its not a fake,the scanning for minerals forms part of its power source..fuel....should the photographer go to the location,such as in the photo,the tree bark will be blackish/brownish colour due to radiation type scorching the ground will have a 1m dia circle with everything inside burnt to about scorched earth at a high temperature around 300-+ there objectives are mineral expedition the craft in question is a scout type craft has 2 occupants..its range is about 500ml from its mothership which will be in space...craft are +- between 50m-100m-..they control such craft by telepahic means..etc..


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